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2018 Skyview Holiday Sing Along

At this time of the year we remember the passing of Ed Simons, our beloved Maestro, and the institutions and traditions that he fostered. We will continue one of his great traditions with the...

2018 Annual Skyview Acres Mushroom Foray

Annual Skyview Acres Mushroom Foray On a beautiful fall morning (September 30, 2018), the annual Skyview Acres Mushroom Foray commenced at 10am. Some 20+ Skyviewer’s and friends met between #24 and #26 Dogwood Lane...

Skyview Acres Winter Doldrums 2017

Saturday, February 25th, 6 – 10 pm Unitarian Universalist Church, Concklin Road Please bring a dish to serve 4x the number in your party and chilled fruit juice for punch plus $5 per person Everyone Can Share Perform...

70th Anniversary to Come

Skyview Acres is celebrating its 70th Anniversary! We’re having a big birthday bash on Family Day Weekend, Sept 2nd-4th & everyone is invited! Bonfire, music galore, dancing, food, games, schmoozing with old friends, and...

2016 Pool Cleaning Day

Enjoy the beauty of a freshly cleaned spring time pond Thanks to all of the people who joined the 2016 pool cleaning day, and the efforts to make our community beautiful.

2016 Winter Doldrum

Celebrate Skyview’s 70th Anniversary! Bring your Skyview photos and memorabilia to decorate “Memories”