2018 Annual Skyview Acres Mushroom Foray

Annual Skyview Acres Mushroom Foray On a beautiful fall morning (September 30, 2018), the annual Skyview Acres Mushroom Foray commenced at 10am. Some 20+ Skyviewer’s and friends met between #24 and #26 Dogwood Lane...

Featured Skyview Artist Bill Hochhausen

Bill Hochhausen Art Exhibit: Oct 3rd-28th 2017 New York City* “If art is enjoyment it is not the enjoyment of things, but the enjoyment of form”  Ernst Cassirer The Polyoptical, new and related work...

Retrospective Homes

Here listed are the original Skyview Acres’ lovely homes in 1950s.

Summer Music at Pond

Please join us  for the Season Premiere of Friday night music at Skyview Pond. There will be some guest musicians too. So bring your open ears and hearts.

2016 Pool Cleaning Day

Enjoy the beauty of a freshly cleaned spring time pond Thanks to all of the people who joined the 2016 pool cleaning day, and the efforts to make our community beautiful.

2016 Winter Doldrum

Celebrate Skyview’s 70th Anniversary! Bring your Skyview photos and memorabilia to decorate “Memories”